Top 5 Software Development Trends of 2015

The speed of change


It sometimes feels as though the tech world is churning out new trends daily. With constant updates, continuing development and an ever growing number of app based entrepreneurs, it’s clear that things are moving at a faster rate than ever before. With Forbes touching on tech trends in 2014, what can we expect of the top trends for 2015? Three months into the new year, we look at the top 5:

 1. Beacons Beckoning


Once a novelty, GPS is now very much part of our daily lives – whether it’s mapping out a route in our cars, or directing us to an address on the street. The change however has come in recent developments with iBeacons which are being increasingly used by industries such as the retail sector, who have installed them in stores and are using them to access details about you – primarily to then target their advertising most relevantly.

2. Machine Takeover


There’s no doubt that machines are taking over more and more roles that ten years ago we could never have imagined. One of the biggest trends for 2015 and the future is the use of ‘smart machines’ – these can be used for everything from medical work, to physical jobs. In addition, there looks to be a growing interest in functions such as virtual sages and digital assistants, changing the face of the workplace forever.

3. All About the Analytics


Tracking analytics has been big business for a while now, however advancements have meant that more information than ever can be gained from the users who are interacting with the software programmes. Advanced analytics can also extend to techniques such as ‘heatmapping’ to show more detailed information about the exact areas that users are clicking on and which they’re scrolling past.

 4. Find Out the Context


We’ve seen it happen before, and it’s definitely not set to go away anytime soon. Context Rich systems are set to continue to grow, purely because they provide such useful information to businesses. By figuring out how people are operating within a set environment with certain products, companies are better placed to offer and then provide a service to those potential users.

5. Wearing technology


Computing and software has been everywhere for a while now. Yet surely the new trend for wearable tech is taking things to another level? Relating to the category of technology that is physically worn by the user, this trend has already been pounced on by Apple with their hotly anticipated Apple watch. The trend for software development will run alongside the physical components with applications and services needed for these devices.