Software for Orthopaedic Surgeons

As a software developer, we’ve had some very interesting requests over the past few years (which is what makes our job exciting!).

The most recent one was for an orthopaedic surgeon Adelaide where we were tasked to build an end to end software platform focussing on helping knee and hip surgeons improve their surgeries.

The software we build was a combination between robotic knee surgery and LARS knee surgery treatment. The software itself drives the artificial intelligence behind the machines that are present during any knee surgery.

The Surgery Software Itself

We used a combination of languages to build the software itself.

This included:

PHP,, SQL, HTML5 and a couple of other platforms!

Focus on Knee Surgery

One of the drawbacks of the technology is that we had to focus on only one kind of surgery – knee surgery.

It wasn’t possible to create the software to work with other parts of the body due ot the complexity of doing so.

So for hip surgery, ankle surgery, brain, neck, shoulder and other areas of the body, we have to create an entirely new platform for this.

However, we can still use the baseline coding as a foundation for these other areas of the body, which will allow us to make entirely new software in the future.

Knee Surgery Adelaide


In the real world, the software performed extremely well and the lead orthopaedic surgeon at Tony Menz Orthopaedics was very impressed with its durability and ease of use.

He said it made the traditional LARS and ACL knee surgery far easier, less room for error, and was thrilled with the outcome for the patient.

As such, we’re also very happy with the outcome and look forward to rolling out this software worldwide in the near future!

Drop us a line if you’d to know more or head over to and ask him how he found it.