Software for Orthopaedic Surgeons

As a software developer, we’ve had some very interesting requests over the past few years (which is what makes our job exciting!).

The most recent one was for an orthopaedic surgeon Adelaide where we were tasked to build an end to end software platform focussing on helping knee and hip surgeons improve their surgeries.

The software we build was a combination between robotic knee surgery and LARS knee surgery treatment. The software itself drives the artificial intelligence behind the machines that are present during any knee surgery.

The Surgery Software Itself

We used a combination of languages to build the software itself.

This included:

PHP,, SQL, HTML5 and a couple of other platforms!

Focus on Knee Surgery

One of the drawbacks of the technology is that we had to focus on only one kind of surgery – knee surgery.

It wasn’t possible to create the software to work with other parts of the body due ot the complexity of doing so.

So for hip surgery, ankle surgery, brain, neck, shoulder and other areas of the body, we have to create an entirely new platform for this.

However, we can still use the baseline coding as a foundation for these other areas of the body, which will allow us to make entirely new software in the future.

Knee Surgery Adelaide


In the real world, the software performed extremely well and the lead orthopaedic surgeon at Tony Menz Orthopaedics was very impressed with its durability and ease of use.

He said it made the traditional LARS and ACL knee surgery far easier, less room for error, and was thrilled with the outcome for the patient.

As such, we’re also very happy with the outcome and look forward to rolling out this software worldwide in the near future!

Drop us a line if you’d to know more or head over to and ask him how he found it.

Big Data Company Adelaide

What Does A Big Data Company Do?

Heard the term ‘Big Data’?

If you’re a business, you’re fairly likely to be aware of the vast amounts of data, which may inundate you from a variety of sources every day.

In fact, Big Data is big business – but you need to know the secrets of harnessing the benefits from it and managing the obstacles that it can bring. Big Data Adelaide is a company that has pretty much written the book on big data – here’s what they have to say:

Big Data

The term describes the large volume of data – both structured and unstructured – which a business receives on a daily basis. It could be anything from the records of millions of people, derived from different sources and often inaccessible or incomplete.

What Can A Big Data Company Do For You?

Big Data Company Adelaide

Big Data, on its own, has minimal benefits. In fact, it can cause lots of issues for companies who are unable to process it (often by using outdated databases or software techniques), and simply fail to extract the information from it effectively.

A Big Data Company will be able to help you to harness the information contained within big data in a variety of ways clarifying some of the points below for you;

  1. Sources of Data

Big Data can come from a variety of sources and creating the right operational systems, machine logs and sensors, web and social capture, you’ll be able to better control the input and flow of the data that you receive.

With more and more people using smart phones instead of computers, it’s inevitable that the sources of data are changing and may continue to do so.

  1. Data Platforms and Warehouses

Companies specializing in Big Data will be able to advise you on the correct data platforms and data warehouses to use. These will allow you to capture and manage the data that comes in in a far more effective way. You’ll be able to gain huge amounts of insights into your customer and your business, allowing you to proceed with informed decisions, which could save you time and money.

  1. Analytics

A Big Data company should help to set you up with analytics tools and apps, which will allow you to become your own analyst. You’ll gain knowledge, identify problem areas, figure out what your customers respond well to and what they don’t, and vitally you can make changes accordingly.

  1. Use your data

A big data company will be able to help you to deliver relevant customer communications to the right target audience.

You can take the information that you get, and use it in a way that allows you to communicate on a personal level with your customer – building relationships, gaining their trust and their loyalty and reaping the financial rewards long term.

For more information about big data, you can visit Pernix Big Data providers to discover more.

How to choose a good software development company

Figuring out which software development company to partner with can be a huge and daunting decision for many individuals and businesses. The relationship you will create with them will be central to much of your success and you need to feel that you’re completely happy with what they can offer you and your specific needs.

Do your research

choosing a software development company

Whatever happens, research as much as possible. This can cover a wide range of sources – from speaking to fellow business owners and asking for word of mouth recommendations, to checking out companies on the internet. Most software development comp

anies will have examples of previous work that they have done on their websites so have a look at these and see if they correspond with the type of thing that you’re looking for.

Define what you need?

It can be helpful to create a brief containing everything you can think of that you’ll need from the software development company. You should include as much information as possible in this – such as the size of the task or tasks that you will need doing, whether there are any pressing deadlines that need to be stuck to, and what budget you’re looking to put into this.

What’s important?

  • Always try to find a software development company that has experience working with clients in your industry – they’ll be more aware of what you’ll need and it’ll save time and money for both of you if they’ve already got some experience in your sector.
  • Good examples of successful User experience should be high on the list of priorities when searching for a software development company, particularly if your software will be client facing.
  • A clean record and emphasis on safety and security is also key to bear in mind as it’s likely you’ll be giving highly sensitive information and access to the software development company that you choose.


So what’s next?

Once you’ve found a software development company that you’re happy with, and have checked them out fully online and with any previous clients, why not take it slowly? Don’t be afraid to start off your partnership with them by offering them a small project, with the view that if it’s successful you’ll use them for bigger tasks on a regular basis.

Tip: Search for credibility, professionalism and a company that is local. As for word of mouth recommendations, here’s one for our Australian readers, check out for top tier software development and service.

Top 5 Software Development Trends of 2015

The speed of change


It sometimes feels as though the tech world is churning out new trends daily. With constant updates, continuing development and an ever growing number of app based entrepreneurs, it’s clear that things are moving at a faster rate than ever before. With Forbes touching on tech trends in 2014, what can we expect of the top trends for 2015? Three months into the new year, we look at the top 5:

 1. Beacons Beckoning


Once a novelty, GPS is now very much part of our daily lives – whether it’s mapping out a route in our cars, or directing us to an address on the street. The change however has come in recent developments with iBeacons which are being increasingly used by industries such as the retail sector, who have installed them in stores and are using them to access details about you – primarily to then target their advertising most relevantly.

2. Machine Takeover


There’s no doubt that machines are taking over more and more roles that ten years ago we could never have imagined. One of the biggest trends for 2015 and the future is the use of ‘smart machines’ – these can be used for everything from medical work, to physical jobs. In addition, there looks to be a growing interest in functions such as virtual sages and digital assistants, changing the face of the workplace forever.

3. All About the Analytics


Tracking analytics has been big business for a while now, however advancements have meant that more information than ever can be gained from the users who are interacting with the software programmes. Advanced analytics can also extend to techniques such as ‘heatmapping’ to show more detailed information about the exact areas that users are clicking on and which they’re scrolling past.

 4. Find Out the Context


We’ve seen it happen before, and it’s definitely not set to go away anytime soon. Context Rich systems are set to continue to grow, purely because they provide such useful information to businesses. By figuring out how people are operating within a set environment with certain products, companies are better placed to offer and then provide a service to those potential users.

5. Wearing technology


Computing and software has been everywhere for a while now. Yet surely the new trend for wearable tech is taking things to another level? Relating to the category of technology that is physically worn by the user, this trend has already been pounced on by Apple with their hotly anticipated Apple watch. The trend for software development will run alongside the physical components with applications and services needed for these devices.